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Breeding Plan

First Egg Laid - 10days 

Incubation period - 18 days

Young leaving the nest - 30 days

Period of their first moult to adult feather -  90 days

Time for complete moult ready for a show once started -  42 days 

Feather Replacement

Long tail feathers to fully regrow - two months

Primaries feathers - four to six weeks

Small feathers including throat spots - three weeks

Scaly Face

We have found the best thing to use to get rid of scaly face on the legs or beak if you have it is to use Vaseline as it suffocates the mite and kills it .

Eye problems or infection 

The best thing to use is Golden Eye or Optrex eye drops which can be picked up from the local chemist .

Feather Cysts

Cysts are associated with feather problems and swell up on the wing and tail wear the feathers are meant to grow , It is caused as the feather has not grown properly and has become infected and to date their has not been a way to correct this in our birds .

Egg bound

Every once in a while you may get a hen that can not pass a egg and is in distress , we have found that if you hover her above a cup of hot water , but not to close so you burn her ,
The heat gets to her vent which helps her to pass her egg .
You can also use cod liver oil and dip a tail feather into it and place it in the Hens vent to help lube her vent to make the passing of the egg easyer .

Sick birds

From time to time we all get sick birds that which appear fluffed up .
The first point of call is to give you bird Guardian angel which can be brought from The bird company also bring the bird in doors and apply heat from a fire at a safe distance or a windowsill by way of sunlight but only for a safe amount at time will help or a heat platform .

Birds that have to be false fed

Now and again we have chicks that are not fed by the cock or hen or adults that stop eating their are all different types on the market but we use one called Hagen Tropican baby and Parrot hand rearing food , which can be fed threw a dousing tube and a crop needle which can also be brought threw the bird company . Before you can use it make sure the the mix is not to thick or that it is not to watery , and apply the amount that is right for the size of the bird normally a 2ml sterile Graduated syringe is enough at a time and will require to be fed when needed but do not over fill the crop .


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