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  Updated 16/07/2017

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Welcome to our   web site !


I have been showing and breeding birds from the age of 13 and how time flies! 




  We first started exhibiting budgerigars in 1987 . Our early birds was brought from a local champion Frank Chapman ,Bob Still but has sadly left the hobbie like many people these days. Our main blood is now Barry Lowe , Brian Sweeting , Don Havenhand , Moorehouse , Stannard,   H & M , Mike Ball



We only keep a small stud of 60 birds each year which are made up of normals , spangles , dominant pieds  opaline and cinnamons.




On the show bench we have done quite well winning many best in sections in the AA & Breeder classes and a couple of best opp sex in shows as well as a few challenge certificates along the way




 We feed our birds normal budgie mix as well as oats , grit ,egg food , conditioning seed ,which are fed once a week as well as cuttle fish and iodine blocks and we also feed chick weed and spinach



We use plain water which we ad

Aviherb Aqua

Aviherb Aqua is specially designed as a natural alternative to modern day antibiotics. The aim is to improve the condition and digestion of your birds the natural way.

 Improve condition and health
 Maintain excellent gut function and digestion
 Support your bird’s natural immune system
 Enhance feather quality and colour

 Improve numbers reared
 Produce tight droppings

Highly recommended for use when breeding, rearing, and showing

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