C & K Welch

 When we built our first birdroom we started off with a  7  foot long by 9 foot wide with a small outside flight but like many people who start this wonderfull hobbie we soon found out that the shed we first built was not big enough so some 3 years later we decided to extendid the shed to 14 foot long by 9 foot wide . Then 6 years later a local bird fancier decided to take down his sales shed and was offered to us and was put on and linked on to the existing shed that we have now

 with a outside flight put on the side . It is of a wood construction with heavy duty felt on the roof . On both sides of the bird shed we have also put air vents   so that their is fresh air flow in the shed at all times and we have also put two normal glass windows and two luva windows that can be opened and shut as needed.

Inside the bird room we have a main light and a night light that come on at different times by way of a timer , we also have a radio and a oil filled radiator for heating during the winter months when needed . We have a 14 foot by 4 foot indoor flight that runs the compleat length of the shed.  We have 12 breeding cages that are in two banks of six on one side of the birdroom and 3 at the end of the shed that can be doubled up as stock cages and to cage the show team for the forth coming show season .

In between each of the 2 banks of breeding cages we put a plastic divider instead of a wooden one to let more light in to the cages , we have a wooden nest box with a box inside a box design  with holes on the side to let air in the box and also to let light into help the hen feed her chicks during the night . We have metal cage fronts that can easly be removed for painting and cleaning the cages after the breeding season has finshed .

 We normaly pair our birds up between October and November but only if the birds are fit and are in breeding condiction.  We normal take 2 rounds of youngsters per pair but if they are produceing good chicks or a feature that we are hoping to breed we will keep the pair going and foster the chicks out to another pair that has produced clear eggs . Our breeding season normaly ends about May time but we sometimes put a few odd pairs down  that we did not have the chance to breed from because they were late bred from the year before .

Our inside flight is the full lenght of the shed being 14 foot long by 4 foot wide with a hatch way that can be opened in the summer to let the birds fly the full length of the shed and into the outside flight without them stopping to keep them fit and also to keep the weight off leading up to the breeding season . We have perches at diffrent levels in the flights to give the birds diffrent places to perch and to stop them breaking their tails and flights on the wire. We have concreated the inside flight for easy cleaning and we put all our feed on the floor to make the birds use all their muscles and make them work for their food . 

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