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A New Start

 After the 2012 show season, we made the hard choice of selling our complete stud and starting from scratch with totally new stock.

A lot of breeders thought we were totally mad starting from scratch when we already had the basics of a good stud. But myself and my dad wanted to create a new style and type of bird to what we were breeding before and starting from scratch was the way to go in our eyes.

What Blood

What blood and what breeders would we go to?

Well there was a few breeders and lines of which we liked and wanted to have a go with.

Our 1st trip was to  see our friend Peter Merritt who we had seen early in the year and struck a deal to swap a few birds that was based on his Sweeting Line.

Peter also had other lines including H & M , Havenhand , Ball , Cash of which deals was struck but we would not get the birds that I required until the end of his 2013 breeding season.

Our next trip in early 2014 was to see our good friend Barry Lowe who`s stud has made massive jumps each year to the extent that many big breeders and x club show winners are now after his birds of which a few was added to what we already had.

Our next trip was to Brian Sweeting who`s stud is still an eye opener with quality to be seen in abundance  and more birds were added to what we had. 

We were also lucky that Peter kindly lent us a few birds to help us in our 1st year back of which we will always be truly grateful.  We will continue to work with these breeders as well as a few new ones that are using the same blood as ours.

Our Goal in 2014-15

Our Goal was not to produce a complete bird but to breed features and correct parts that needed correcting with out doubling up on faults and once this has been done we will then and only then start building up family's within our stud.

With over 60 baby's on the perches from 7 pair in our 1st year we are quite content and have enough features and quality to kick on with year 2 .



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